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Exit Lane Breach Control

Isotec Security’s site specific Exit Lane Breach Control (ELBC) system has a 24/7 operational scenario, which is fully automated, integrated and monitored along with additional security technologies deployed at a facility. Isotec Security ELBC systems are designed to be centrally monitored.

24/7 operation is standard for most major airports, thus requiring 24/7 ELBC. Statistically, it takes 4.2 man hour weeks to man an ELBC area on a 24/7 basis. At a fully burdened labor cost per lane it is easy to understand how Isotec Security access control systems such as ELBC integrated with legacy Command and Control system pays for itself in less than 1 year.

Since facility security requisites and dimensions vary, Isotec’s ELBC technologies are site specific in design, and configured scenario of operation. We understand the security requisites and areas to be secured vary from client to client. Site specific design, engineering and scenarios of operation insure risk appropriate safety and security for your facilities.

  • 24/7 Fully Automated – 100% Objective
  • Enforces Exit Only Transit
  • Prevents Exit Lane Breaches or Re-tracking
  • Fast Convenient Through-put
  • Handles Carts & Baggage
  • Rapid Return on Investment (ROI) over Manned Posts
  • Meets ADA Accessibility Requirements
  • Meets Emergency & Life Safety codes

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